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Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law

Marmara Uluslararası İnş. ve Tic. A.Ş. / KoruMar Hotels. we consider secrecy and security of your personal data important and show the utmost care for securing the principles of fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the right of privacy, which are secured by the Constitution. It might be necessary to collect, process and transfer your personal data which you provide us in order to provide you, our esteemed clients our services securely without any interruption. Our Company takes the highest levels of security precautions possible to protect your privacy while collecting, saving, processing and sharing your personal data if necessary in accordance with the related laws and regulations. Our purpose is to inform you in the most transparent manner about the methods applied for collecting your personal data, the purposes for processing your personal data, the legal reasons for processing your personal data and your rights related with your personal in accordance with your satisfaction.
a) Data Officer
In accordance with the 6698 numbered Privacy Law (from hereinafter will be shortly referred to as "the Law"), your personal data can be collected and processed Marmara Uluslararası İnş. ve Tic. A.Ş. / KoruMar Hotels, as the data officer within the context described in the following.
b) Purposes for Processing Personal Data
Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the terms, conditions and purposes for processing personal data indicated in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law for you to have a safe and secure accommodation in accordance with our principles, conducting the assessments required for the services provided, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations mainly the insurance regulations, the regulations of the Social Security Agency and the consumer regulations, complying the information liabilities, fulfilling the liabilities for preserving information, data and documentation, preventing fraudulent activities, ensuring security, carrying out market research and purhcasing operations of our company, managing our legal procedures and implementing social responsibility projects and providing you uninterrupted, good and reliable services. 

In addition to the purposes mentioned above, your personal data can be processed for contacting you, our esteemed clients related with the goods and/or services, you have acquired/will acquire for presenting you all kinds of customized goods and services, using them in our promotion, good/service offers, marketing and campaign activities if you give your consent and developing goods and services customized for you, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, performing existing or new product activities and market researches by our company and our affiliates, determining a target client group and etc. purposes.

In the frame of the contracts signed with third party real or corporate entities in business relation with our company or the activities carried out jointly with them, you personal data can be processed for fulfilling legal and commercial liabilities of  our company, establishing rights, protecting rights, conducting commercial and legal evaluation processes and procedures, risk analyses and financial transactions.

c) Parties and Purposes for Transferring Processed Personal Data
Your personal data can be transferred and shared with our business partners, shareholders, affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, the companies carrying out our activities as our intermediaries/agencies, the supporting service firms where we obtain the services which are supplementary, complementary or extension of our activities, other contracted enterprises, the consultants and consultancy firms which we cooperate as permitted by related laws and regulations in accordance with the 8th article of the Law on transferring personal data and the 9th article of the Law on transferring personal data to abroad in the frame of the conditions and purposes of processing personal data. 

In addition to these, the collected and obtained information can be shared with related competent authorities, if there are any request for information by the public instutitons and agencies in accordance with their rights and authorities and for carrying out legal procedures in case of any potential conflict.

d) Which Personal Data is Collected, the Method and Legal Basis for Collecting Personal Data
•    Your name, surname, profession, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address(es) and other communication details,
•    Your family and demographic information,
•    Your identity, passport and license plate information,
•    Your travel and route information,
•    Your accommodation and booking details,
•    Your information related with billing and payment instruments,
•    Your sound recordings collected through our call center,
•    Your camera/video/photograph recordings collected for security purposes,
•    Your health details collected for us to fulfill our legal liabilities related with accidents,
•    Your product order information,
•    Your payment and refund related information,
•    Your information related with your fields of interest,
•    Your information you submit our personnel within the scope of your requests and complaints on products and services,
•    Your information on your e-mail address(es) for sending you informatory, advertising and promotion activities to your e-mail address(es) through mass mail systems, 
•    Your information on your usage of our website, mobile applications and other communication channels,
•    The information created by the users of our website and mobile applications while visiting our website, using our services and your interactions with our contents and advertisements including the information on your computer/hardware and connection, the page display statistics, incoming and outgoing traffic information of the website, ad data/the data related with advertisement broadcasts, IP addresses and standard web log information/standard web log details,
•    The data on your internet use which is mandatory to collect in accordance with the 5651 Numbered Law on Regulating the Broadcasts Performed in Internet Environment and Managing the Criminal Activities Commited through These Broadcasts and the related regulations,
•    And the data on your preferences related with products and services or your past experience on them are collected by the Data Officer.
This information/data is collected through channels which the enterprises, entities and persons with the authority to represent such as supporting service firms including websites, mobile or digital applications, social media, call centers, the companies we carry out activities as intermediary/agency, customer interviews, SMS, written/digital applications to other websites and the firms we obtain call center services, which they contact or will contact you as permitted by the related laws and regulations and in accordance with the agreements within the limits determined by them, provided that your approval is got whenever necessary.
Your personal data collected on this legal basis can be processed and transferred for the purposes indicated in the paragraphs (b) and the (c) of this information text within the scope of terms and purposes for processing personal data indicated in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law.
e) The Rights of the Owner of Personal Data Listed in the 11th Article of the Law
 In accordance with the regulation in the 11th Article of the Law;
•    Learn whether any personal data related with them is processed or not,
•    If, their personal data is processed, request information related with that,
•    Learn the purpose for processing personal data and whether his/her personal data is used for the intended purpose,
•    Learn the national and international third parties, his/her personal data is transferred,
•    If, his/her personal data is processed wrongfully or deficiently, requesting it to be corrected and requesting the process conducted within this scope is notified to the third parties, his/her personal data is transferred,
•    Requesting erasure or wipe-out of his/her personal data, if, the reasons required processing his/her personal data are no longer available/applicable even if his/her personal data has been/is processed in accordance with the Law and the provisions of other laws and requesting that the process conducted within this scope is notified to the third parties, his/her personal data is transferred,
•    Raise an objection if you think that a result to the detriment of you arises as a result of analyzing your personal data exclusively by automatic systems,
•    If any, demand his/her losses and damages, are compensated due to illegal processing of his/her personal data. If, you submit your requests about your rights to our company through the methods mentioned below, your request will be finalized by our company as soon as possible and maximum within thirty days for free in accordance with its nature. However, if the procedure needed to be carried out for resolving your issue creates any cost, the fee determined by the Privacy Board will be collected by our company. In accordance with the 1st paragraph of the 13th Article of the Law, you can submit your request for exercising your aforementioned rights to our Company in written or through the other methods to be determined by the the Privacy Board in the future. In this frame, the channels and procedures for submitting your applications to our company within the scope of the 11th article of the Law are described in the following. 
You can send your petition including the instruments for proving your identity and your wet signature, which you write for exercising your aforementioned rights to “Marmara Uluslararası İnş. ve Tic. A.Ş. KoruMar Ephesus Beach & Spa Resort, Atatürk Mah. Pamucak Mevkii No:16 Selçuk/İZMİR” or to “privacy@korumarhotels.com.tr” or to “marmaraas@hs03.kep.tr”” with your secure electronic signature.

Personal Data Protection Law
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